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App to learn reading the analog clock without numbers

A fun and unusual app, to learn to tell time on increasingly simplified and abstract analog dials.
A watch face showing the 24 hours and the minutes: great to learn!

You like challenges? Then learn to tell the time in 16 languages!

Découvre l’app TEAN. Télécharge l’app et entraîne-toi :

Follow the expressions of the hour throughout the day and take the QUIZ to test your level of expertise.

tell time in 16 languages !

Practice freely with the “exercise” function and discover the “read aloud” option of time expressions for 4 languages.

Available on the google play store: to download on an android phone – or on a WearOS connected watch.

TEAN app for android mobile phones

with a “training” function to practice telling the time on increasingly abstract dials.

App for Android Mobile Phone

TEAN app for smartwatches (Wear OS): read and learn the time in text for each language!< /h2>

the different langues


Discover the different functions of the application

Move from one level to another and progress towards reading the time on increasingly abstract analog dials.

Learn to tell the time in 13 different languages

Read the time on a dial displaying Roman numerals

A “training” button allows training to read the time (random display) on any dial and in any language

How to start

Download the TEAN app on android phone or WearOS smartwatch like Samsung Galaxy Watch, Google Pixel Watch, Montblanc, Fossil …

From google play install TEAN app on android mobile phone

Install the TEAN app on a smartwatch (Wear OS)

Request access to the TEAN analog dial on PC, Mac, Tablet etc.


Android mobile phone

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for WearOS smartwatch

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Webclock (internet version for teachers)

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