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An original app to practice telling the time on any analog dial and in 13 languages!

Discover the TEAN app. Download the app and practice: 3 free dials and French version. With the full version (CHF 3.- for one year) explore the 11 analog dials displaying the time and reading the time in 13 languages: French, Korean, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Romansh, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Hungarian.

The TEAN App is made up of 11 analog dials to choose from, which allow three types of learning and training:

  1. Read the hour and minutes on an analog dial displaying 24 hours. The hour is displayed in red (hand and number) and allows to see whether we are living inthe morning or in the evening time (pm or am. The minutes are displayed in blue. Thanks to the 2 digits highlighted, it is possible to make the link with the time displayed on a digital dial and to “visualize” this notion on an analog dial.
  2. Mastering abstraction, thanks to analog dials where the numbers are gradually replaced by markings (dots, dashes, void)
  3. Challenge yourself by telling the time in 13 different languages.

How does the TEAN app for Android Mobile Phones work?


“SELECT LEVEL” : Four different learning levels

The dials marked “Beginner” to learn the notion hour (hour hand and hour numeral in red) and minute (minute hand and minute numeral in blue) and watch the 24-hours displayed on a single analog dial.

On the “Intermediate” dials, the numerals are stepwise replace by red circles in order to learn the underlying numbers by the hour which is represented by the red hour hand

The dials“Advanced” follow the same concept : learn to read the minutes by the position of the blue minute hand.

The  “Expert” dials are increasingly abstract, markers get more sparsely with each level.

The dial “Roman” which aims at becomig familiarized with reading the roman numerals, as for example on the clock towers of churches.

BUTTON “Touch to show time expression”

The text expression for the time shown by the hands appears in the chosen language, when the dial is touched. A must to learn expressions such as “a quarter to four” or “a quarter to six” and reading them in 7 different languages.


To display random times, in order to practice reading the time on the chosen analog dial.


Come back to the actual time


Select one of the pre-registered languages (new suggestions welcome), then push “touch to show time expression”, and the text expression for the time displayed by the two watch hands appears in the chosen language.


Discover the different functions of the application

Progress from one dial to the next to learn reading time on more and more abstract representations

Learn to tell the time in 13 different languages

Tell time on a dial displaying the full 24 hours

Tell time with roman numerals

A “training” button allows to practice reading the time (random display) on any dial and in any language

How to start

Download the TEAN app to your android mobile phone or WearOS smartwatch. And if you are a teacher, you may be interested in our TEAN Webclock

Download the TEAN app HERE from the google play store and install it on your android mobile phone

Install TEAN on a connected watch (Wear OS) HERE

Register HERE for access to the TEAN Webclock analog dial for teachers on PC, Mac, Tablet etc.

Try it out for one week completely for free !

Android Mobile Phone

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Try it out for free during one full week

Full version: 11 clock faces and 13 languages

WearOS smartwatch

full version renewable annual license for CHF 3.-

download for free on Google play store

3 dials and french version for free

CHF 3,- for full version one year renewable license: 11 dials and 9 languages

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Internet Clock Learning App

for PC, Mac, Tablet etc.

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