Our Story

The TEAN App, a family story!

At the origin of the project: to meet a specific need of the youngest of our daughters.

An new idea, developed for and with our children!

A concept developed to keep analog clock alive,

.. because time is analog !

As one of our children learned to tell the time, we looked for an interactive tool to visualize the 24 hours on an analog dial. We believe that learning to read the time on an analog dial paves the way for the understanding of more complex and abstract notions, such as time in space, fractions, partitioning and so on.

In the digital age, how can notions such as “a quarter past four” or “twenty to six” still make sense? They do if you learn to visualise them on a analog dial . We also thought that being able to read them in French, German, Korean or other languages ​​would be a plus.

These thoughts led us to develop the TEAN app, for children who are learning to tell the time, but also for young people who want to relearn. Indeed, in the age of 13-15, when young people acquire mobile phones, tablets, computers, many of them end up losing this intuitive ability to tell the time by a simple glimpse at the two hands of an analog watch. Today, this is the case for many young adults – make the test yourself !

A Family !

Living in the French-speaking part of Switzerland by Lake Geneva, he is an engineer in microtechnology and she has a master in international relations. While continuing to practice in our various professional fields, we also develop together around our common passion: our four children and what relates to their development and their discovery of the world. Discussions, debates, cross-examinations: they are a source of inspiration and new thinking. This project was born from our exchanges for and with them.


Concept, development, communication

supported by contributions of…

Video’s, visual support

… our daughters

practical try-out, brainstorming

and our sons.

Logo, graphics design, brainstorming

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